Towards Yet Another Peer-to-Peer Simulator


There are a number of P2P overlay simulators developed by various research groups for use by the P2P academic community, however many still opt to use their own custom-built simulator. Having surveyed the area of Peer-to-Peer simulators in previous work, we believe that this is due to the simulators lacking key functionality such as mechanisms to gather statistical data from simulation runs. The use of custom built simulators gives rise to a number of problems that include an increase in the difficulty to reproduce and validate results and comparison of similar simulated systems and their associated results. In this paper, we discuss the current situation with respect to simulation usage in P2P research and our work towards creating a new simulator that will meet the requirements of P2P researchers. It is our hope that this paper will give rise to further discussion and knowledge sharing among those of the P2P and simulation research communities, so that a simulator that meets the needs of the P2P community can be developed.

Proceedings of the International Working Conference on Performance Modelling and Evaluation of Heterogeneous Networks (HET-NETs)