ARCOLite -- a visualisation system for viewing museum artefacts


ARCO – Augmented Representation of Cultural Objects ( is a EU IST Framework V funded research project aimed at providing museums with useful technologies for digitising, managing and presenting virtual museum artefacts in virtual cultural environments. ARCOLite is a derivative of ARCO focused on small and medium scale museums, reducing the total cost of ownership by eliminating expensive Oracle database and patented X-VRML technology. ARCOLite is self-sufficient and can communicate with external digital culture systems. This final year project (A visualisation system for viewing museum artefacts) focuses on certain areas of the ARCOLite system. This report presents the overall concepts of the ARCOLite system and discusses in details the design and implementation of the underlying client-server architecture that forms the heart of ARCOLite by eliminating the equivalent Oracle and X-VRML architecture in ARCO. This report also describes the connectivity between an augmented reality client and the exhibition server.