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Hugo is an open-source fast static website generator that renders a static website based on configuration, internationalisation bundles, layout templates, static files, and content written in Markdown (and other languages). I discovered Hugo some years back when I decided to migrate my website from Google sites (the old website maybe still around but not updated any further).

At the time of changing from Google sites, I found the Academic theme (now part of Wowchemy) sufficient for what I needed. Over time, I (hope I) have improved my website publishing pipeline with a combination of the content hosted on Github utilising the Wowchemy Academic theme, workflows to publish the website when I push changes to the main branch or experimental branches. The main website is available at while the experimental stuff maybe visible at

In addition, I am also creating and maintaining other websites, e.g., that of my friend, Michael Intal Magcamit.

If necessary, I plan to contribute, when I can, to Wowchemy and Hugo.

Websites maintained

Anirban Basu
Anirban Basu
Researcher in Computational Trust, Privacy and Security

Senior Researcher (Hitachi, Ltd., Japan), Honorary Research Fellow (University of Sussex, UK)